Automating molten metal chemistry measurement with LIBS

Tecnar’s LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology is the new standard for in-line molten metal composition measurement

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Tecnar’s LIBS analyzers bring bath chemistry analysis from the laboratory to the line. Based on real-time Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), its patented technology performs a laser sampling of the molten metal, deep below the surface, yielding a highly accurate, multi-element chemistry analysis. By its nature, dissolved concentrations are measured directly, without the need for temperature information or model-based calculation.

No more sampling molten metal

Molten metal manufacturing must adhere to strict industrial-grade and client-specific standards. Meeting these standards requires continuous sampling, but waiting for these results hinders production. With Tecnar’s LIBS analyzers, you can automate your sampling and increase your operational uptime.

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Continuous real-time data

24/7 live measurements fast track operations by enabling accurate additions to the melt to keep specific elements within spec. Tecnar’s LIBS analyzers’ continuous real-time data increases efficiency and provides quality verification.

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Highest real-time accuracy

Online LIBS analyzers feature more accurate real-time information than traditional laboratory analysis. Since the analyzer is automatically sampling under the surface of the melt, it’s not subject to the intrinsic errors of manual sampling and surface preparation. What’s more, continuous sampling prevents inhomogeneity in the melt from affecting the average readings.

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Low consumable

From the very start, the LIBS analyzers were designed to be very low-consumable analyzers. All parts, from the control cabinet to the submerged lance, were carefully selected to run 24/7 for years of worry-free operation. Moving to LIBS analyzers for your chemistry monitoring needs will significantly reduce your laboratory consumable costs and eliminate the need for disposable probes.

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Why choose Tecnar products?

Since 2008, Tecnar has been the global leader in creating, producing, deploying, and supporting inline laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy analyzers for molten metals.

Durabeam: Maintenance-free optical cavities

Tecnar’s Durabeam technology is the foundation for reliable optical systems in challenging conditions. It has been improved over two decades to boast a 20-year lifespan that doesn’t require any maintenance.

Marathon: Proprietary diode-based laser

Tecnar’s Marathon laser, a proprietary diode laser technology, has revolutionized our clients’ experience by reducing repetitive, costly maintenance and consumable expenses by a factor of 10.

Leading LIBS analyzer equipment manufacturer

Tecnar is the top manufacturer of continuously operating stationary LIBS equipment with over 50 LIBS systems operating 24/7 worldwide.

International sales and support

Tecnar operates LIBS systems globally and takes pride in delivering top-notch service. A dedicated team at our head office can provide remote or on-site support through certified global partners.

Calibration with extended life span (up to 12 months)

With Durabeam optical systems, strategic component selection and quality manufacturing, calibrations on our LIBS systems can last up to a year. This is 10 to 100 times longer than calibrations on typical laboratory instruments.

Highest in-house expertise in industrial LIBS systems, lasers and optics

The numbers say it all:  The Tecnar team includes 3 PhDs, 5 Master’s degrees, 20 engineers, 14+ years of LIBS technology experience and 50 continuously operating sites. It all adds up to a leading global centre of excellence for industrial LIBS systems.

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