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Since its foundation in 1872, this medium-sized family business has pursued a strategy of long-term and sustainable growth. In recent decades, Wuppermann has developed from a steel processor to a leading innovator in corrosion protection.

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Tecnar gave us the product we needed

“Since its installation in January 2021, the Galvalibs 2.0 has been stable and sturdy for in-plant operation. This sturdiness has shown in the device’s hardware as well as its software, calibration unit and spare parts. The possibilities that this complete package delivers perfectly fits our needs at Wuppermann. I’m very aware that the knowledge Tecnar gathered over the years and developed in the 2.0 version of Galvalibs gave us the product we needed.

Wuppermann, as a continuous high-speed galvanizing plant, needs such devices as the Galvalibs to maintain a perfect bath chemistry mixture and to prevent  many quality issues and their associated costs. After the Galvalibs installation, we immediately noticed an increase in the quality of the product. Surface defects due to excess aluminum (called alubreak at Wuppermann) became a thing of the past when the data of the Galvalibs was used and trusted.”

Hans Kunenborg, Wuppermann


Excellent support

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Better then the lab

The Galvalibs gives you data you can trust.

Increased quality

Install the Galvalibs. See the difference. Immediately.

Now we trust the Galvalibs

“I was a bit skeptical in the beginning after observing discrepancies in measured chemistry values between the Galvalibs and laboratory results. Using laboratory results instead of trusting the Galvalibs immediately resulted in a drop in process quality.”

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