Running your galvanizing production without needing a laboratory

The ultimate autonomy: Operators can perform routine calibrations without a laboratory with the Galvalibs Calibration Unit (GCU).

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Novel calibration method

To give Galvalibs 2.0 operators more autonomy and to avoid additional expensive laboratory equipment, Tecnar developed a new approach using the Galvalibs 2.0 to measure the composition of a bath sample. In this approach, data from a cooled bath sample is processed with data from a set of disks of Certified Reference Materials to create an accurate, self-calibrated measurement of the sample’s chemistry.

CRM based

High-quality Certified Reference Materials (CRM) enable GCU auto-calibration with each run. Comparing the signals from a CRM set to the signals from the bath sample provides an accurate concentration of elements, such as Al and Fe, in the sample without any additional information needed.

Get dissolved content

Microsampling of the sample with LIBS technology enables the GCU to discriminate between signals from the fully dissolved area and the dross-embedded area. The GCU directly measures the dissolved content in the sample without needing solubility curve corrections.

Any process: Zn-Al-Mg, Ga-Gi, Al-Si

The same GCU is used for multiple bath chemistry by simply changing the CRM set. No other adjustments are needed. Use the same GCU for all your bath processes.

Step-by-step calibration process with the GCU

Simplified bath chemistry analyzer calibration.

In the first step, a bath sample is taken near the analyzer. Once the sample is cooled and the surface is prepared, the operator loads it into the GCU carousel, hooks up the GCU to the Galvalibs 2.0 and automatically gets the bath’s composition in less than 90 minutes.

How simple is that?

Step 1

Press a single button to record signal on Galvalibs 2.0.

Step 2

Take sample from bath… and we provide the mould.

Step 3

Prepare sample: Simply cut and prep the surface.

Step 4

Insert sample in the GCU carousel and attach GCU to Galvalibs 2.0.

Step 5

Press START and get the results!


Step 6

Enter results in Galvalibs 2.0…and it’s ready to go.

How it works

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