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Embracing innovation: a decade with Tecnar's Galvalibs

Having been an early adopter of Tecnar’s Galvalibs back in 2011, I can attest firsthand the remarkable innovation and success that Tecnar has achieved. I have witnessed Tecnar’s tenacity in overcoming initial development challenges on the first generation of Galvalibs and their dedication to excellence.

Our original probe, built with Tecnar’s meticulous design approach, stood the test of time, serving us reliably for over a decade. It was only when Tecnar’s CEO convinced us of the value in upgrading to Galvalibs 2.0 that we realized the extent of the advancements made. Reflecting on the past year with the 2.0 version, we regret not making the transition sooner.

The improvements are truly remarkable, raising the bar with enhancements to both hardware and software, prioritizing ease of use for both production and maintenance tasks. The stability and repeatability have dramatically improved and coupled with the Galvalibs calibration unit has led to a higher precision in bath composition analysis.

Chris Warnement, Process Coordinator, PRO-TEC

Improved stability

24/7 live measurements

Increased accuracy

with the Galvalibs Calibration Unit (GCU)

Reliability and trust

with continuous automated sampling

Outstanding support

Throughout our journey with Tecnar, their commitment to exceptional service has been unwavering, consistently supporting us for over a decade.

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